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One Million Meals Update 3/19/17

Serve 1,000,000 meals to poor and underprivileged children in the slums around the world.

Meals served as of March 19, 2017: 2,689 meals!

This is our most ambitious goal for IKKTHUS, to provide at least 1,000,000 meals to poor and underprivileged children in the slums around the world.

Our primary focus of this impact is in the Philippines, specifically in the area of Cebu.

The ministry that we desire to funnel our efforts through is Hope House Cebu in the Philippines.  David and Ailene Wilkerson live and work in the slums of Cebu, and daily feed the kids there both nourishment for their bodies and their spirits.  David is doing a great work for Christ.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to help feed the kids in the slums of Cebu, Philippines, then click the link below.  Every penny given at the following link will ONLY go to feeding the kids.  There are no administrative costs or overhead by IKKTHUS.

Help us serve ONE MILLION MEALS to kids around the world!

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Help me provide One Million Meals to kids in the Philippines

Having a Goal

So, we have a goal here at IKKTHUS for serving ONE MILLION MEALS to children in slums around the world.  We just added to that number today by 25.  Total running count 1,525.


We are currently helping support the work of David M. Wilkerson and Hope House in Cebu in the Philippines.  Your gifts through IKKTHUS are tax-deductible, and there is no overhead involved.

We want to provide ONE MILLION MEALS through this ministry.  Will you help us?  Click here to help.


Doc Burkhart – IKKTHUS Ministries

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